Certified information systems security officer

The Certified Information Systems Security Officer (CISSO) course is designed to provide individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively implement and manage an organization’s information security program. The course covers a wide range of topics essential for ensuring the security and integrity of information systems.


      a. Risk Definitions
      b. Risk Management
      c. Risk Assessment
      d. Responding to Risk

      a. Understanding Security
      b. Information Security Management System
      c. Roles and Responsibility
      d. Security Frameworks
      e. Human Resources

      a. Identity Management
      b. Authentication Techniques
      c. Single Sign-on
      d. Access Control Monitoring

      a. Access Control Types and Characteristics
      b. Information Classification
      c. Access Control Models and Techniques
      d. Access Control Methods

      a. Trusted Computing Base
      b. Protection Mechanisms
      c. Security Models
      d. Evaluation Criteria

      a. Administrative Management Responsibilities
      b. Product Implementation Management
      c. Redundancy and Fault Tolerance
      d. Operational Issues and Responses
      e. Threats to Operations

      a. Cryptography Terms
      b. Historical Uses of Cryptography
      c. Cryptography Foundations
      d. Modern Cryptography
      e. Hashing

      a. Asymmetric Cryptography
      b. Hybrid Crypto and Digital Signatures
      c. Public Key Infrastructure
      d. Cryptography in Use
      e. Attacks on Cryptography

      a. Network and Communications Security
      b. Topologies
      c. Cabling
      d. LAN and WAN

      a. OSI Model
      b. Network Devices
      c. Network Security Sentries
      d. Ports, Protocols and Services

      a. Telephony
      b. VPNs
      c. Wireless
      d. Network Based Attacks

      a. Security Architecture
      b. Architectural Models
      c. System Threats

      a. Software Security Concerns
      b. Software Lifecycle Development Processes
      c. Web Application Security
      d. PCI-DSS Compliance

      a. Database Models &Terminology
      b. Database Security Issues
      c. Artificial Intelligence

      a. Project Initiation
      b. Business Impact Analysis
      c. Determining Recovery Strategies
      d. Writing the Plan
      e. Preparing for a Disaster
      f. Introduction to Business Continuity Management

      a. Incident Management
      b. Law
      c. Computer Crime Infrastructure
      d. Evidence Handling
      e. Privacy Legislations
      f. Ethics

      a. Facility Location and Construction
      b. Risks, Threats and Countermeasures
      c. Perimeter Protection
      d. Electrical Power Issues
      e. Fire Prevention, Detection and Suppression.


Take your first step towards a rewarding career in information security! Our comprehensive 18-module course covers the entire C)ISSO curriculum, covering topics from risk management to physical security.

From security management to network protocols, you’ll learn the latest concepts and techniques to:

  • Identify and mitigate security risks
  • Develop and implement secure systems and networks
  • Master cryptography, access control, and malware detection
  • Understand security architecture, business continuity, and incident management
  • Apply ethical principles and legal frameworks

Gain the skills and knowledge to become a sought-after security expert and start your journey to becoming a Certified Information Systems Security Professional!

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