Cybersecurity Analyst

The Cybersecurity Analyst course is designed to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to detect, analyze, and respond to cybersecurity threats. This comprehensive program covers a range of topics essential for defending an organization’s information systems and networks against cyber attacks. It is ideal for IT professionals, aspiring cybersecurity analysts, and anyone looking to enhance their capabilities in cybersecurity.The Cybersecurity Analyst course focuses on practical skills and theoretical knowledge required to protect an organization’s digital assets. Participants will learn how to monitor network traffic, analyze security events, and implement effective security measures. The course combines hands-on labs, real-world scenarios, and expert instruction to ensure participants are well-prepared to handle modern cyber threats.


      1. Network Architecture and how it lays the groundwork
              a. Defensive Network
      2. Security Data Locations and how they tie together
      3. Security Operations Center
              a. The People, Processes, and Technology
              b. Triage and Analysis
              c. Digital Forensics
              d. Incident Handling
              e. Vulnerability Management
      4. Automation, Improvement, and Tuning

      1. Investigative Theory and Processes 
            a. Digital Acquisition 
            b. Evidence Protocols 
            c. Evidence Presentation 
      2. Computer Forensics Laboratory
              a. Protocols 
              b. Processing Techniques 
              c. Specialized Artifacts 
      3. Advanced Forensics for Today’s Exploitations 

      1. Creating the Safe Environment 
      2. Static Analysis 
      3. Dynamic Analysis 
      4. Behavior Based Analysis 
      5. What is different about Ransomware? 
      6. Manual Code Reversing 

      1. Manual Analysis Principles
      2. Automated Analysis Principles 
              a. Signatures compared to Behaviors
      3. Application Protocols Analysis Principles 
      4. Networking Forensics 

      1. Network Architecture and Monitoring 
      2. Endpoint Architecture and Monitoring 
      3. Automation, Improvement, and continuous monitoring 

      1. Architectural Benefits 
      2. Profiling and Baselining 
      3. Advanced Analytics 

      1. Penetration Testing with full knowledge 
              a. Reconnaissance 
              b. Scanning 
              c. Enumeration 
              d. Exploitation 
              e. Lateral Movement 


**Join the Frontlines of Cybersecurity: Become a Certified Cybersecurity Analyst!**

Are you ready to take on the most challenging and rewarding role in cybersecurity? As a certified cybersecurity analyst, you’ll be on the frontlines of defense, using cutting-edge tools and techniques to identify and mitigate threats. Our comprehensive course will equip you with the skills and knowledge to excel in this critical field.

**Get Ready to Uncover the Hidden Threats in Your Organization!**

  • Learn the fundamental principles of blue team operations and how to work effectively as a team
  • Master digital forensics techniques to analyze and reconstruct cyber attacks
  • Explore traffic analysis and learn how to identify and track malicious activity
  • Learn how to leverage SIEM systems for advanced analytics and threat detection
  • Uncover the secrets of purple team tactics and learn how to defeat the red team

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to become a certified cybersecurity analyst!

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