Professional Ethical Hacker

Ethical Hacking Course

The Ethical Hacking Course is an intensive training program designed to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to identify, exploit, and mitigate security vulnerabilities in systems and networks. This course delves into the mindset, tools, and techniques used by ethical hackers to protect organizations from cyber threats by simulating real-world attacks and implementing effective defenses.


      a. What and Why?
      b. Differences
      c. Security Definitions
      d. Risk Management
      e. Methodologies

      a. Core Concepts
      b. The shell and other items you need to know
      c. Managing users
      d. Basic Commands

      a. Network Models
      b. Protocols & Services

      a. Understanding Cryptography
      b. Symmetric Encryption
      c. Asymmetric Encryption
      d. Hashing
      e. Cryptography in Use
      f. Crypto Attacks

      a. What and Why
      b. Attacks and Tools of the Trade
      c. Countermeasures

      a. DOS & DDOS
      b. Viruses & Backdoors
      c. Trojans and Backdoors
      d. Ransomeware

      a. . Basic Security Elements
      b. Security Appliances

      a. What are we looking for?
      b. Where/How do we find this information?
      c. . Are there tools to help?

      a. Social Engineering Types
      b. Phishing Scams

      a. What are we looking for?
      b. Port Scanning
      c. Are there tools to help?
      d. Banner Grabbing
      e. Enumeration

      a. What is a Vulnerability Assessment
      b. Tools of the Trade
      c. Testing Internal and External Systems

      a. Sniffing Techniques
      b. Hijacking

      a. Servers, What are they good for?
      b. What is an Exploit?
      c. Tools of the Trade

      a. OWASP Top 10
      b. SQL Injection
      c. XSS

      a. Wireless Technologies
      b. Mobile and IoT Technologies
      c. Various Tools Used
      d. Hacking Techniques
      e. Countermeasures

      a. Maintaining Access
      b. Covering Tracks


**Unleash Your Inner Hacker!**

Join the elite group of cybersecurity experts and become a professional ethical hacker! This comprehensive course will transform you into a skilled hacker, equipped with the tools to identify and mitigate threats. Explore 16 modules, covering:

  • Learn the basics of ethical hacking and how to use Linux like a pro
  • Discover the secrets of cryptography and encrypt your data
  • Crack passwords like a pro and gain access to secure systems
  • Learn how to manipulate humans with social engineering tactics
  • Find vulnerabilities in systems and exploit them before the bad guys do
  • Hack servers, web applications, and wireless networks like a pro

Get hands-on experience with real-world scenarios and project-based learning. Join now and unlock your dream career in cybersecurity!

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