ethical hacker

The course contents will be based on the core steps of penetration testing – Information Gathering, Scanning, Enumeration, Exploitation & Reporting. The students will be taught defensive techniques on how to protect their IT infrastructure from attacks. This course is also beneficial to all the students who are currently pursuant in their studies in computer science / IT field or other allied engineering. This will help the students to get a start point in pursuing their career in cyber security. Also, system administrators & developers can too pursue this course to understand various security risks that exist and learn to defend against the same.

Why Cyber Security ?

Rise of Cyber Crime

Be it a large scale or a small scale firm, hackers and cyber criminals spare no one. Rather, they lookout for opportunities to exploit data and get money out of these firms. Over the past year, the average cost of cyber crime for an organization has increased 23%.

Security of Data

When it comes to data security, it can be clearly seen how organizations are getting highly comfortable in keeping their information online. With the alarming number of data breaches and information leaks making news headlines almost every day

Growth of IoT Devices

With the mission to create smart cities with smart devices, our dependency to connect everything to the internet has increased too. The introduction of IoT technology i.e. Internet of Things, has not only simplified and speed up our tasks.

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